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Agency Commissions

We strive to always pay the most aggressive new and renewal commissions to our agents. By leveraging the volume of our network, FIG can often pay commissions greater than those paid to directly appointed agents. We also pay a premium for high-quality rounded accounts.

Agency Agreement

We wrote the most agent-friendly agreement we could – one that we would sign as independent agents ourselves:

  • FIG agents retain 100% ownership of their books.
  • It costs nothing to separate from FIG, if we ever part ways.
  • We don’t have complicated non-compete agreements.
  • There are no production requirements to partner with FIG.

Binding Authority

Both FIG Agents and Market Access agents have binding authority. Transact business easily and without costly delays.

Agency Technology

All FIG partner agencies receive access to EZLynz Rating & Management System at a substantially discounted price. We pass on our cost directly to you, with no mark-up. Our preferred pricing can save your agency nearly $5,000 annually, compared to retail pricing.

You’ll also receive access to Appulate, the industry-leader in submission and quoting management. There is no cost to FIG partners to use Appulate.

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