Questions about Selling Your
Book of Business?

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Would you like to sell your insurance book of business? You’ve come to the right place.

Navigating through a purchase with FIG has never been more seamless. We bring expertise, fairness, and diligence to the process. Engaging in conversations with us will reveal why 20 agency owners have chosen us to preserve and carry on their legacies.


Sell Your P&C Book of Business

If you have an agency or a book in all 50 states, we want to look at it. We can pay in a lump sum, over time, or a combination of both. We can also take over your lease and other ongoing business expenses.

What is your book of business worth?

The value of your insurance agency is influenced by several key factors, such as historical performance, anticipated earnings, business net worth, assets, carriers, employee situation, and various other considerations. We assess the book's size, the nature of the business written, errors and omissions, as well as the company's sales history to arrive at a valuation that meets your satisfaction.

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