Your Trusted Partner In
Agency Autonomy.

FIG helps both startup agencies, and those who are more seasoned, realize true growth and success through our proprietary agency development blueprint.

Agency Startups

So, you're starting up an agency? We will guide you, help you implement specific systems, give you access to many top-rated carriers, help you with accounting and back end programs, and more. We help you at every level of your agency. We are family. "The True Agency Partner You Never Knew You Needed"

Agency Perpetuation

 Ready to retire from the insurance industry? Is retirement on the horizon? We can help you find a partner for your agency.   Let's set up a strategy call today.

FIG helps agencies at every level expand their opportunities and partner with a family, not just an agency

Technology & Software

Carrier Appointments

Back Office

Group Carrier Training

Errors & Ommissions Coverage

Network Team with a Family Feel

Agency Autonomy

If you are the right fit for us, it's because you want to create your own future. We won't stand in your way but we will assist you when you need it. We try to give you as much autonomy as possible to help you create goals and achieve them.

Let’s talk about how to grow your reach, while maintaining your independence.

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